Tuesday, 29 July 2014

End of Year Teachers Presents

Hi All,

My Bestie is a primary school teacher and this year she asked me to make some end of year gifts for her Teacher Assistants as she will be teaching a different class next year. So I thought I would share them with you too! I made a glass for one of them and bracelets for the other two with lady birds on them (as that is the name of their class)!

 I etched the glass by cutting out the name with my cricut from vinyl and then sticking it onto the glass and covering this with armour etch, leaving for about 5 minutes and washing off as per instructions and then finished it off with a little swarovski crystal for that little added bling.

 For the bracelets I started by making a cane with a ladybird in it (i shall upload that in another post) which I followed from The Polymer Clay Artist on You Tube, then made the beads. I had made the red and black spotty ones ages ago and was waiting for the perfect project to use them, then just added some red seed beads and little 3mm black pearls to complete the look.
 Thankfully the TAs were happy with their gifts and I absolutely loved making them.

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